Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the exports?

This depends largely on the structure of your Figma file. If your Figma doc is well organized with Frames and Groups and avoids things like ellipsis and rectangles, you’ll probably have a great result.

That said, our goal with Xenon is to trim a large chunk off of your development time, not to have a 1:1 pixel perfect design. Things like overlapping elements done with absolute position will not be positioned properly on your export, but you’ll have the content in your page ready to go. That’s why we recommend you use Auto Layout in Figma.

The best way to increase the quality of your export is to follow our Quick Start guide.

Is there a limit to how much I can export?

No, your membership includes unlimited monthly exports for as many Figma documents as you’d like.

Do you have a free trial?

When we launch, all of our plans will include a 14 day free trial. You will not be charged until that 14 days has elapsed so you can decide if Xenon is a good fit for you.


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