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We’re actively working on re-tooling the app to export WordPress Blocks from your Figma designs. We hope to have a beta available to our email list members soon.

Convert Figma to WordPress Blocks automatically.

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How It Works


Connect your Figma account and pick from your designs.


Select specific elements in your designs to automatically generate into Blocks.

Copy & Paste

Copy and paste your blocks into any WordPress site. Done!


Save Development Hours

Xenon helps you reduce development time by up to 75% and allows you to focus on getting your site live, rather than starting from a blank slate.

Control What You Export

Whether you want to export a single section or an entire page, you can do it with Xenon. Pick from anything inside your Figma document and generate Blocks in a matter of moments.


Streamline Your Workflow

Take your mockups and wireframes further than you ever could. Instead of delivering a static file, UX/UI Designers can now bring the design to life in a matter of minutes.

Choose Your Plan

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Includes 14 day free trial




Includes 14 day free trial