Convert Figma designs to Oxygen automatically.
Xenon converts your Figma designs to Oxygen shortcodes, saving you hours of development time.
How It Works.
Connect Account 
Connect your Figma account, pick your document, and add classes with your preferred framework.
Select Elements
Select specific elements in your designs, or pick an entire page to automatically convert.
Copy & Paste
Copy and paste the generated shortcodes into your Oxygen site and your Figma designs are now live.
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Ready to convert your Figma mockup?
Don't start from scratch.
Save Development Hours
Xenon helps you reduce development time by up to 75% and allows you to instead focus on perfecting the tiniest details of your website, rather than starting from a blank slate.
Add Custom Classes
Add your own custom Oxygen classes to your elements, or select classes from frameworks like OxyNinja Core and Automatic.CSS.
Control What You Export
Whether you want to export a single section or an entire page, you can do it with Xenon. Pick from anything inside your Figma document and generate shortcodes in a matter of moments.
Streamline Your Workflow
Take your mockups and wireframes further than you ever could. Instead of delivering a static file, UX/UI Designers can now bring the design to life in a matter of minutes.

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