Help Documents
Getting Started
Xenon First Time Users Guide
Learn to use Xenon for the very first time and complete your first Figma export.
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How It Works Video Demonstration
This video shows the steps to export a prepared Figma file using Xenon.
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How to Organize Your Figma Document
Learn the best approach to setting up your Figma file for a success export in Xenon.
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Figma Auto Layouts Video Demonstration
Learn to organize an existing Figma document using auto layouts for the best results in Xenon.
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How to Bulk Export Images From Figma
It's super easy to bulk export your images from Figma. No need to export each one manually anymore!
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Find Shortcode Start ID
Use "shortcode start ID" to add new shortcodes to an existing Oxygen template or page.
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Utility Classes in Xenon
Take advantage of powerful utility class frameworks while exporting in Xenon.
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