Xenon 0.7.0 - Classes and Images

February 9, 2022
Written by Jonathan

In this latest update to Xenon, we're proud to bring two big improvements to the app.

Firstly, we have class auto-complete as you type. Now when you select a utility class framework like Automatic or OxyNinja Core, the app will suggest class names as you type. This adds another dimension of efficiency to your export when using Xenon as you can just blast out the classes you know you'll need so once you're in Oxygen the site feels even more complete and ready to go.

Secondly, Xenon now shows your images with the real URLs from Figma inside of Oxygen. What this means is that the link Figma provides to export your images is brought into Oxygen so instead of blank placeholders, you now see the real images. These are temporary URLs that expire after 30 days, so be sure to swap them out with your WP media library images.

Both of these two improvements are big steps forward for the product and we're excited to keep adding features and enhancements to the app.


Version 0.7.0