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Find Shortcode Start ID

Use "shortcode start ID" to add new shortcodes to an existing Oxygen template or page.

When working in Xenon, you'll notice this optional field here called shortcodes start ID. If your page or template has existing content, you need to figure out the highest ID of the shortcodes on what page.

If you're working with a brand new page or a brand new template, you don't need to enter anything in this field because the ID's will start from the number one automatically.

If you're adding shortcodes to an existing template or page, you'll need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Load the Oxygen editor and add a new heading. Type something unique like "find me" that will be easy to search for.
  2. Then, in the back end of your page or template, expand the "+shortcodes" box near the "Edit with Oxygen" button.
  3. Do a Ctrl/Cmd+F search for what you just typed in that heading from step 1.
  4. Carefully look back until you find the ct_id parameter of the heading element you added.
  5. Note the ct_id of that element and enter that in the Shortcode Start ID field. Let's say your ID is 15, so you'll enter 15 in the field.
  6. Click generate shortcodes and the first ID starts one higher than what you entered, 16 in our example from before.

Doing these steps will prevent unintended behavior such as adjustments made to one element applying to multiple.

As mentioned above, this is unique to each page or templates, so this won't affect other Oxygen pages or templates, but if you're adding additional content to existing oxygen pages/templates, this is the process you need to follow.